Music For The Teenage Years

You’ve Got Yr. Cherry Bomb by Spoon

Killing Machine by How I Became The Bomb

If you’re like every other person in 2007, you probably fell in love with Spoon’s album Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. And like most people, “You’ve Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” was probably your favorite track. (Sorry, your taste is not as unique as you had previously hoped.)

Well, if you liked that track, you’ll love How I Became The Bomb’s “Killing Machine.” Their song came out before Spoon’s and sounds almost identical. So when “You’ve Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” comes on at parties, and it will, you should bring up “Killing Machine” and make everyone else feel like a fraud.

Outside of this coincidence, How I Became The Bomb is a fine band, but not nearly as good as Spoon. I was listening to their EP last night, and I was struck by how much better they would have sounded if I had still been a teenager. Not so sadly, I no longer go to New Rochelle High School. But if anything could make me nostalgic for my teenage years, it’s this band.