Against Cultural Learnings

So Sacha Baron Cohen, you’ve won this round with the American media. Every outlet can’t get enough of you. The campaign leading up to your movie has made anyone who was offended by Borat’s antics seem like a fool. Because what sensible Semite could be offended by a Jew singing “Throw the Jews Down the Well”? And those Kazakhstanis have no right to be upset that a mock-bassador has garnered their country more attention than any of their advancements since their break with the Soviet Union.

But let’s be honest about Sacha Baron Cohen. His humor is lowbrow and offensive. Whether you’re laughing at Borat’s description of Jews, Borat’s background, or the Americans he tricks, you’re laughing at someone for being stupid.

Anti-Semitic culture produced by Semites has been around since Moses parted the Red Sea, but to me the whole thing seems self-hating. And I’m no fool.