“You Pay A High Price For Affiliation”

That’s what my Uncle, or the husband of my first cousin once removed, said to me over the holidays. That sentence has been bouncing around my head ever since. It’s true even on WordPress, as anyone who has clicked on one of the category tags on this site and been redirected to another WordPress blog can attest.

Right now, I don’t have any affiliation. Of course, I don’t have affordable health care either. But daily, I wake up and I write. I go for a run. I read a book. I take notes about what I should write the next day. It’s great, but it’s not sustainable. And I wonder what will happen after I’m done with this book.

After Michael Phelps won his eighth gold model, a poolside reporter asked him if he ever really thought he would break Mark Spitz’s record. It seemed like she was expecting a humbled Phelps to say no, that he never thought his dream was attainable. Instead, Phelps said something like, “Yeah, I did. I don’t think you can achieve something like this without believing you can.”

So as I live this life of unaffiliated creative time, I think it’ll work out. I have to. Otherwise, I should just get a 9 to 5, retire my jeans and flip-flops and learn how to be polite.