Where Are They Now?

Today is high school reunion Thursday as I’m having a lunch and dinner date with two old friends from NRHS. I wonder what these friends have been up to. Where are they living? What do they do? Have they gone on any vacations recently?

Except I don’t wonder this. Facebook has done all the wondering for me. There’s no need to catch up—I’ve already read their newsfeeds, seen their pictures and made inferences about their wall postings. So today at lunch and later at dinner, these friends and I will have to discover whatever new things about each other that weren’t reported online. Eak!

Facebook has done for old friends what VH1 has done for B-list celebrities. Those who want to be discovered and remembered put themselves, and all their personal information, out there. There’s no need for a big high school reunion or a Where Are They Now special. I already know where everybody is. The Susan Olsens of the world aren’t online. And like Cindy Brad, those people seem gone forever.