Ven Diagram Leads to Blindness

In an article about vision correction in the Navy in the New York Times, David S. Clout wrote that convenience and vanity were the main reason civilians get laser eye surgery. For those who have attended my recent birthday party (or viewed the album on facebook) or have seen me (or seen pictures of me on facebook), I don’t seem motivated by either convenience or vanity. In fact, I seek out inconvenience and unattractive clothing. So you might wonder why today I’ve opted to get laser eye surgery. Well, my disregard for convenience and vanity is not absolute. And in the ven diagram of my apathy and shallowness, eyewear occupies the small overlapping area. I hate putting in and taking out contacts, but I feel like a nerd in glasses. And with no middle ground other than an expensive and possibly dangerous surgery, I chose surgery. See you tomorrow, I hope.