The Year of Magical Happenings


However you feel about 2008, it’s undeniable that a lot happened. There was the primary, the New Jersey high end hooker, Bear Sterns, the Olympics, the housing bubble, the election, Prop 8, the auto crisis and the senate seat up for auction. Even if you’re not a black, gay Olympian managing the New York or Illinois state governments’ portfolio, it’s still been a hell of a year. For the first time in my life, I’m aware that I’m living through history. I should start taking notes.

2008 was a crazy year for me in every way, even on an iPod level. This year, I bought a nano, gave away my dying one, was given a classic ipod as a joke, which I regifted to my roommate, lost my new nano and was given my friend’s old iTouch.

Along with all the current events, I will look back on 2008 as the year my life started being what I wanted it to be. I suppose I could have skipped college and started writing fulltime seven years ago, but it took me until 2008 to feel like I could.

I’ve been close with my best friend since 8th grade. Now she’s getting a PhD in anthropology. We’ve known each other since before we knew what our dreams would be. Today, another friend of mine is moving into an apartment he’ll own. The older we get and the more 2008s we experience, the less we grow up with our friends and the more we agree with their lifestyle choices. I don’t know how to feel about that fact other than it’s true.