The Year In Read, 2007

Last year, I was nearly sued over a flippant review. Considering my own literary ambitions and incredibly googable name, I’ll save my nasty comments for family functions. This year, I read, or tried to read, 45 books. I live pretty deep in Brooklyn and enjoy taking the subway. Also, I’m a loser. Full list after the jump. A Heart Breaking Work A Staggering Genius, Dave Eggers The Long Tail, Chris Anderson The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell The Missing Peace,* Dennis Ross

After I came back from Israel and had my life changing experience or whatever, I decided to read up on the subject. A friend from the trip recommended this book, which seriously never ended. Every time you think there’s going to be peace, psyche, there’s not going to be. Even though the book is 800 pages, after I got through the first 100, I had emotionally committed. This book was so heavy I had to start carrying a bigger bag. With 150 pages to the end, I left it on the Chinatown bus to D.C. And now I’m never reading a book because of a life changing experience again.
Little Children, Tom Perrotta
I was so eager to finish this book that I read the last pages in the Starbucks in Union Square. His writing feels so effortless, but clearly isn’t.
I Wish I Could Be There, Allen Shawn Fun Home, Allison Bechdel
Bechel got me going into graphic novels. I even wrote her an email to let her know how much I loved it. This summer, I went to hear her speak at Barnes