The Sun Also Rises


Roger Federer won his fifth Wimbledon today. Sans the French Open, he’s pretty much the best thing that happened to tennis since synthetic strings.

Rooting for the guy who has won seven of the last nine Grand Slams is easy and satisfying. He’s the Yankees of tennis, but instead of an exorbitant payroll, he has an arsenal of game winning shots. Like a Yankees fan, I feel entitled to wins and I’ll take them anyway I can get them. Nadal dominated Federer for most of the match, but the Swiss linguist pulled through in the fifth set, which was good enough for me.

During the tournament, Nike ran an effectively maudlin ad voiced by Tiger Woods that celebrated Federer’s career (see above). Sports reporters love this friendship, and I imagine that IMG, which manages both athletes, does as well. But really, what could these two have in common other than dominating their respective preppy sports? Well, for one thing, they’re all about the Francs.

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