The Greatest Mystery of All

There’s a lot in this world I don’t understand. Why men shave their chests, the popularity of Coldplay and who exactly reads Details magazine.

But one thing I definitely don’t understand is Grey’s Anatomy, the hit ABC TV show. If you have seen a phone booth, bus or magazine in the past month, you know Thursdays mean Smile. I don’t watch the show, so my confusion is limited to the title.

The name is clearly a pun on Gray’s Anatomy, the 1858 anatomy book written by Henry Gray. But why not go all the way and name the show Gray’s Anatomy instead of Grey’s Anatomy? On the show the title is taken from the lead character, Meredith, who spells her last name like the tea. But since Meredith is a fictional character, why couldn’t she have spelled her name like Americans spell the color? I know there were meetings about this decision, and I’d like to hear ABC’s reasoning.