The End is Near

Sorry, Shamu. You’re on the endangered species list.

In a few days, you’ll become paid-content. Worse than that, your position on the MEL has fallen to seven. With the web redesign, if you’re the 11th most emailed article, you might as well not be emailed at all. No one checks the full list. (Side note: MEL articles 11 through 25 are probably the purist reflection of the public’s interest. One though ten are given prime real estate throughout the Times site, which brings more readers, hence more emailers. Since less people see 11 through 25, the second half of the list is based more on merit than the first half. If I ever wrote about two-thirds socks, I’d rather be #11 than #10.)

Anyway, I’m glad that Amy Sutherland will soon be off of the list and back to complaining about her braces.