"Take Your Pen, Write It Down. I Love The Teenagers"

teenagers.jpgThe Teenagers are a French Pop band with goofy and self-referential lyrics. Like “French Kiss,” about how the “no one puts baby in the corner moment” in Dirty Dancing is the perfect time for a French kiss. So true. Well, I assume it’s true. I wasn’t that popular in camp.

A line in their song “Wheel of Fortune” pretty much sums up my view on religion and is so featured in the most important spot on my Facebook page, my religious views. Yes, this spot is more significant than my relationship status, because a person’s relationship with God triumphs all others. Duh.

Anyway, the line is “If Shannon Doherty stayed on 90210/Maybe she would have never met Alyssa Milano”

Okay, silly. But I’m a huge 90210 fan. This is serious. Brenda, the character, left 90210 the zip code to go to London to pursue acting. Shannon Doherty, the actress, left 90210 the show and went on to star on the less popular and culturally insignificant Charmed, with Alyssa Milano.

The lyric doesn’t say that leaving 90210 was worth it for Shannon Doherty because she met Alyssa Milano; it doesn’t make any judgment on the value of the Doherty-Milano relationship. But the fact is that because Shannon Doherty did leave 90210, she was able to meet Alyssa Milano. The lyric isn’t ironically optimistic like Candide. It’s not even saying that things happen for a reason. It’s just saying that every decision has unforeseen outcomes.

Personally, I believe that meeting Alyssa Milano was worth Shannon Doherty leaving 90210. Life would be too depressing if we had to worry about what would have happened had she continued on at California University with the rest of the gang.