mistaken for strangers

Endorsement: Matt Berninger on the Bret Easton Ellis Podcast

Apparently, Bret Easton Ellis has a podcast. I don’t know what you were expecting, but if you were expecting him to talk about himself and shill for 90 seconds at a time about audio book services, you’d be right. 

Though, I wouldn’t want Bret Easton Ellis to be anything but narcissistic and money driven—it’d be like asking a zebra not to be striped. It’s also kind of funny how he just talks about his relationship to his guest’s work instead of asking the guest any questions. 

The other night, I listened to his interview with Matt Berninger of the National. “Boxer” was the soundtrack to BEE’s summer of 2008; “Alligator” was the soundtrack to my summer of 2006. 

They do talk about music some, but  Berninger is remarkably bad at remembering the meaning behind his own songs. (Those looking for context on “City Middle” should look elsewhere.) They also talk a lot about “Mistaken For Strangers,” a documentary Matt Berniger’s little brother made about the band and his own failures. From the trailer below, it seems like a future endorsement.