In Good Health.

One of my toenails, which I lost in March, has grown in. My left ankle, which I sprained in 2008, feels fine. There’s no swelling under my left kneecap as there was two years ago. My hip, which tends to ache if I stand in the wrong shoes for too long, has been fine. I had some pain along the left side of my rib cage last month, but that’s gone now.  The burn on my arm is healing nicely. I go through a few tissues every morning, but I don’t have the flu. Nothing medically major has happened to me in more than five years. Like family money and unconditional love, good health can feel like an entitlement. It’s something that goes unappreciated, almost unnoticed. But there’s nothing better than being healthy, and if you are, take a moment to appreciate whatever’s not hurting.