The Best Easy Hipster Listening on YouTube

Though I prefer to think of myself as Gen Y, I’m a millennial when it comes to my music habits. I listen to about half of my music on YouTube. Occasionally pop songs, but mainly live shows of my favorite bands.  

Here’s what I can recommend: 

Beirut, Brussels

Beirut is a great live band, but this video has Zach Condon saying, “I’ve given up speaking French in this city.”

Vampire Weekend, Seoul

I’ve seen, or heard while writing press releases, a lot of Vampire Weekend shows. At under 50 minutes, this one is lean, features interviews, a Korean cartoon, and screaming teenages. 

Wilco, Barcelona 

When Jeff Tweedy says, “You guys are the best audience in the world and I’m not just saying that” Catalons should believe him. He doesn’t really care about most other audiences. 

The National, Sydney 

In an interview with Bret Easton Ellis, Matt Berninger, the lead singer of the National, says he drinks too much at shows. That’s evident in this show. 

Whenever I hear “Scenic Life,” I feel like I’m in a movie. In this case, a movie about finding the best live version of “Scenic Life” to put on my tumblr. 

Sound Memory

I have about as many memories with Beirut as I do with Paul Simon. From walking around Prospect Heights listening to “Scenic World” to seeing them play an impromptu show at Coco 66, Beirut has been a regular part of my New York soundtrack.  

It’s hard to leave a city with so many memories, and a place where impromptu shows and overhearing live music while playing league soccer is even possible. And yet, like Zach Condon, who grew up in New Mexico, I need to seek Unaccustomed Earth.