Symbols and Signs

The Democratic primary is long over and it’s never been a better time to say something vaguely offensive about the election.

Even though race and gender were always in the background, I still feel that no one was willing to embrace just how much this election was about a black man running against a white woman. It so happens that it was a highly likeable black man versus a highly unlikeable white woman. It also so happens that a lot of what was likeable about Obama—his articulateness and his story—and what was unlikeable about Hillary—her vaginal connections to power and her “ambition”—reflected a lot of positive and negative stereotypes about their respective backgrounds.

And yes, it was more than black versus female. A lot of other things happened. But their platforms weren’t that different. I’m not going to get all Hendrick Hertzberg and compare demographic struggles, but race was more of a deciding issue for voters than gender. I felt no obligation to vote for Hillary Clinton as a woman. But in a