Suckers and Lazy Shoppers

Advertisers take note: I’m open to your pitch. Before college, I bought an Apple iBook for no other reason than its beautiful advertising campaign. I was completely aware that I had no reason to prefer Apples to PCs. Every time my iBook failed me, which was often, I had nothing to say for myself other than I had been a sap. After a few years of working on an iBook with a non-functioning mouse pad, I bought a Fujitsu laptop. Other than a brief problem with a virus that sent my Internet browser directly to a gay porn site upon login, I’ve been happy with my switch.

But after using an iMac for over a year at work, I’m thinking about switching back again when I need a new laptop. Along with their snazzy ads, I prefer their interface and search features. A new computer is the most expensive purchase I could make, my version of buying a home. Like perspective homebuyers, I would want to wait for a favorable market, except as Sean Cooper pointed out on Slate, Apple products don’t go on sale.

I think this has as much to do with Apple’s accessibility image as their bottom line. Do you know how much a 15-inch laptop with 1440 x 900 resolution and a 2GB memory should go for? Neither do I, and it’s not something I want to know. Apple says it should be $1,999.00, and that’s how much I would pay for a