Sorry to Offend

In between adventures this weekend, a friend and I struck up a conversation with the guy behind us in line for a bar. As big as New York is, it’s also quite small. It turns out he was from Scarsdale, a town that neighbors mine, and knew my cousin. Leigh, if you’re reading, Todd Goldstein says hi.

After hearing his last name, I asked him if he was into Japs, to which he replied, “Actually, I find that term offensive.” Translation: Yes.

While the appeal of well groomed, demanding women is nearly universal, the question remains why the term Jap is offensive. Even though I feel awkward describing someone as black, I wouldn’t have a problem calling someone a Bap. To me, both terms are more about being a princess than being Jewish or black. While all Japs are Jewish, the princess instinct crosses ethnic boundaries, as proved by the virtual ethnic rainbow that is My Super Sweet Sixteen. Maybe Mr. Glickman is offended by idea of the princess stereotype as applied to Jewish women. But anyone who has been around New York knows that just as many Jewesses don’t even have a Bloomingdale’s account. Some of us have to get by charging things directly to Daddy’s credit card, without the 10% discount and special seasonal offers. It’s a tough life.