Put Down Your #2 Pencils

So I just finished Prep. As previously noted, I liked it a lot. I actually had to stop myself from skimming down the page to find out what happens next. Sometimes, the story was so compelling that it felt like a guilty pleasure, but Curtis Sittenfeld’s writing reassured me that I wasn’t one of those women you see reading Danielle Steele on the subway. That’s for another time in my life.

At the back of the book, someone, I hope a Random House intern wrote “Reading Group Questions and Topics for Discussion” for the novel. This seems like a trend for literary blockbusters and to me, remarkably stupid. These kinds of questions take all the pleasure out of reading and put back the 9th grade horribleness. At this point in my leisure reading life, I’m not quite ready for Fabio covers, but I don’t want to be told how to enjoy a book either.