Like others in the impossible pursuit of perfection, I’ve been watching a lot of tennis lately. I feel pretty, and yes, I’m excited for my match today.

Through out the tournament, I’ve been hoping Roger Federer would win his third US Open title and ninth grand slam. Rooting for Federer is like rooting for the sun to rise. My wishes came true last night, when Federer beat Roddick in four sets and this morning, when the sun did in fact rise.

But one thing: This Tiger Woods friendship is totally absurd. As the Times’s pointed out, IMG manages both athletes. They’ve never met, but suddenly Tiger Woods is hugging Federer’s long-term gf, Mirka Vavrinec and Dick Enberg’s first question to Federer after winning his ninth grand slam is about a golfer? Whack. The whole thing is photo-op for a management company, but