Naka Nathaniel, I am the Only One Who Cares

If you’ve been following media gossip lately, you know that there’s been some major changes at gawker. Jesse Oxfeld was canned and replaced by my favorite blogger, Alex Balk of tmftml. The page was also redesigned and given a more MSM look.

But in all the excitement, gawker, my go-to site for the objectification of hottie male journalists, missed out on Naka Nathaniel. The Paris based multi-media journalist has been covering the World Cup for the Times for the past month. There’s a reason the Times put him in front of the digital camera: He’s good looking. For those not actually interested in soccer, but interested in appearing to be interested in soccer, Naka’s dispatches are indispensable.

Along with being attractive, Naka is also strangely charming. He’s usually joined by two journalists who clearly made it to the multi-media platform based on their merits as writers, George Vescey of the Times and Roger Cohen of the International Herald Tribune. Vescey and Cohen are curmudgeons who spend most of their online time criticizing fat Brazilians and the ever-disappointing British. But Naka either laughs at their old man-ness or uses it to make a ridiculous segue to promote the Times’s multi-media site. One of my favorite examples of this is when Cohen criticized the boring style of play at the World Cup, Naka genially replied, “One place where the action isn’t boring is at the Times online.” So true! This guy’s a keeper.

Alex and Jessica, you disappoint me.