My Take on Tim’s Take

There was high drama on the runway last night. Keith, the favorite of the third season of Project Runway, was unceremoniously kicked off for hoarding pattern books, an official “no-no.”

His discharge came in the middle of a two-day team challenge. Before the fashion book faux pas, Keith was chosen as a team leader. With his departure, Alison and Jeffrey, his partners, had to execute his design without him.

Tim Gunn’s advice to Alison and Jeffrey: “You’re going to have carry on, and frankly make it work.”

First of all, there’s nothing particularly forthright or candid about making it work.

Second of all, Tim’s expressions, while quirky and endearing in the first and second seasons, have become commercial, literally. After reality TV stardom, Tim’s vocabulary has been reduced two catchphrases. And that doesn’t work for me.

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