Introducing Raronauer Stalker

I grew up in Westchester, went to school in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn. Most of my relationships were cultivated within New York State lines. As such, I have a tendency to run into people. A lot.

Last week, I had four run-ins. One of them was with Michael Hessler, who just the day before had mocked my ability to be in the same place at the same time as someone I vaguely know. It usually happens that I’m in midst of a kankedort when I spot these people.

So I present to you Raronauer Stalker: a documentation of these chance, sometimes awkward encounters. Names have been vaguely concealed to protect the innocent from Googling employers and lovers.

My last run in was on Saturday with Jo Feidor, a friend from college, at the Brooklyn Library. I was there because I had misplaced my phone. I was certain it was somewhere in my apartment, but I couldn’t find it there after an extensive search so I went to the library to make sure I hadn’t left it there. I was annoyed at myself for possibly losing my phone and was in a rush to get to the library before it closed. As such, I was wearing my house clothes and was thinking about what my life would be like without a phone. (Answer: Inconvenient.) Jo was wearing a Barnard t-shirt, which was fitting because that’s how I know her, is studying for the LSATs and is moving to my neighborhood. See you around, Jo!

PS My phone was under a couch cushion.