Ideas for Other Web Sites

The Internet has made the conversion from dollars to Euros or English to French as easy as wasting five minutes in front of a computer. But one thing virtual reality hasn’t covered is real reality. For any city with more than a downtown, the Web does a lousy job explaining neighborhoods. The problem is that traditional means of description, like adjectives and nouns, don’t really mean anything when it comes to neighborhoods. If I were moving to New York from DC, this description of the West Village from New York Magazine, “there’s still no better spot for charming townhouse apartments on quiet, tree-lined streets” wouldn’t help me because it doesn’t really explain what living in the West Village would be like. What would help is someone saying the West Village is kind of like Adams Morgan: Delightful during the week, to be avoided during the weekend. There should be a site that translates neighborhoods from one city to another. Gothamist, I’m looking at you.