Follow Your Dreams

Last night, I had a dream starring Spencer Pratt, the villain of The Hills. He and I were kicking at my Aunt’s house for Passover—who knew Spencer was Jewish in my subconscious? In reality life, Spencer allegedly spread a rumor that Lauren, another character/ person on The Hills, made a sex tape with her boyfriend. While I had Spencer’s attention in my dream, I asked him the question that’s always bugged me in my waking life: What’s so bad about creating a sex tape? I understand that if the tape were actually released, it would be humiliating and possibly career ending. But just the act of creating one—surely there are more offensive sexual acts. This is a digital age. People film everything. If I were going to start a rumor about Lauren’s sex life, making a sex tape seems a little tame.

While I’m on the gossip sex beat, ABC News