Fan Fic

At the recommendation of the writing half of the Roth Brothers, I’m reading The Swimming Pool Library by Alan Hollingston right now. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. But the caveat to that statement is that I might be missing most of it because it’s also one of the sexiest. There’s a lot of it and Hollingston does an effective job of describing it.

But the book, at least in parts, is a total homoerotic pipedream. Although I was never a beautiful, young gay man living in London before the AIDS epidemic, the availability and pleasure of anonymous sex as Hollinghurst recreates it seems improbable. Every tube ride … well, I’ll leave you to make your own tube-penis pun.

But at the same time, the protagonist’s lifestyle is a real reflection of an idealized lifestyle, and Hollinghurst captures a truth about that fantasy. I can’t tell if it’s that an accomplishment less than, equal to or greater than capturing a truth about real life, but it’s still something.