It is true that when you wake up in the middle of the night for maybe an hour or so, you don’t remember that time at all, even if you spent part of it reading the New Yorker article on face transplants, which references the Nicholas Cage/ John Travolta movie Face/Off, which is odd because that movie wasn’t any good, even though you also thought about it when you started the article. But when the alarm rings, your body remembers it wasn’t sleeping that whole time, and even if you can wake up enough to make coffee, you still come back into bed, now with the computer, and once you start on the internet, you’re not so sure that the coffee, an accidentally purchased light roast, is worth getting out of bed for, but then you have to, because why did you wake up at 6 am, to watch old episodes of The Hills

But the days are getting longer, and that starts in the morning, and the blues you once associated with a certain of morning productivity, happen before you get a chance. So you better get out of bed and go.